About Fishtail

Rotaract Club of Pokhara Fishtail is a chartered social female youth initiated  non profit making international organisation aged 18-30 in
corporated under the Rotary Club of Pokhara Fishtail.The club was chartered in 29th June 2007.Since its very inception,the club has been
enthusiatically and continuously involved in various genuine activities that are highly fruitful to the soceity. The “3 H ” health, hunger , humanity  along with different awareness camp,  personality development of club members that best serves the purpose of the club has always been the priority. Besides social service and volunteering projects intellectual development is also one of the Rotary club’s objectives and the rotaractors are partner in service in this major focus areas.

The height of social stigma being a pre dominant factor is surging in absence of awareness and participation and rotaract club of pokhara fishtail being a youth club makes an different attempt to shed a light in how societal dynamics can bring a structural as well as functional changes in society.

Rotaract was founded to develop effective leaders and promote responsible citizenship. As our generation plays a growing role in directing the affairs of this community, it is important that our members be well-positioned to accept the challenge of helping Fishtail  reach its potential of becoming a world-class city. We believe for those who are led to think boldly and affect real change, Rotaract provides the premier leadership development and  opportunity.